WOD: Good Friday 29/03/2013

OPEN GYM - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Come in and work on a weakness, catch up on a WOD or kill your "goat".

Still not sure? Come in and we'll work it out. There is no set workout for this session but a coach will be supervising. 

Home WOD

For Time:

 Grab a broomstick / PVC Pipe / metal pipe and complete:

100 Squat Clean Thrusters.

On the second every 30 seconds complete 2 Hand Release Push Ups. Start the workout at 0 seconds with 2 Hand Release Push Ups.

Whats a  "Squat Clean Thruster"? Every rep you perform with your chosen bar must begin with the bar touching the shins below the knee, you must squat to full depth and lock out overhead with straight arms.

3 x Efforts for best effort max handstand hold.