Step 2: INTRO Month & Fundamentals

You enjoyed your Free INTRO CLASS and want more??

Book in for our INTRO Month & FUNDAMENTALS which includes:

- 2 Hour Fundamentals Workshop (*More Info Below*)

- Unlimited sessions per week for the month

- Welcome Pack including Skipping Rope & WOD Book

Cost - $130 (Valued @ $230)

**Fundamentals workshops - 2 Hours**

This class is an in-depth snapshot of the fundamental units that make up CrossFit. You will be learning what CrossFit is all about, from the terminology, movements, scaling, when to use intensity and when to rest. It is informal and very interactive, not to mention lot's of fun!! There's no expectation to master any movements, it's just an exposure to the movements for you to build from. Whether you are already an advanced athlete or have never worked out - the Fundamentals is a must!

When you start your Intro Month we will book you into our next available Fundamentals Workshop - all new members have found huge benefit from completing the Fundamentals Workshop during their intro month.

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