Sunday 15/07/2012 - Rest Day at Blue Lake CrossFit

The CrossFit Games 2012

Current Leaderboard Standings:

Individual Men:
1. Rich Froning
2. Kyle Kasperbauer
3. Matt Chan
4. Chad Mackay

Individual Women:
1. Annie Thorisdottir
2. Talayna Fortunato
3. Julie Foucher
4. Christy Phillips

1. Hacks Pack UTE
2. Diablo CrossFit Anejo
3. Raw Training
4. SPC CrossFit

Also our good mate Russell Kapper from CrossFit Works is competing in the Masters 50-54 and after the Chipper is currently in 8th place!! GO RUSS YOU LEGEND!!

Spend a bit of time checking out the Games action - so many good articles and videos from this weekends action.... Inspirational!!
The CrossFit Games 2012