WOD: Monday 27/08/2012

Rx’d – A definition: - adapted from CrossFit Edmonton
A lot of new Crossfitters come in and ask “what does the Rx’d mean that everyone puts in their posts?” This is a very valid question and one that everyone should be thinking about.  This post is to clearly define why one uses “Rx’d”.
Rx’d simply means ‘as prescribed’. It means that you do the WOD exactly as written. To an extreme sense, you do exactly as written AND in the order it was written. This one is hard at times, especially with bigger groups, but it still stands true. It also means doing the prescribed weights, if there are any, and the proper technique of the movement especially when it comes to range of motion (ROM). Some simple examples of ROM are: chest-to-ground in the push-up, chin over bar in the pull up, and hips below parallel in the squat. As fatigue sets in these are harder to achieve and it’s expected to see some break down.
When you meet ALL of these criterion in a WOD, then you can add Rx’d in your post. Another term that comes to mind when we think of Rx’d and ROM is Virtuosity: doing the common, uncommonly well.

More good reading on going rxd: As Rx’d or Not As Rx’d? That is the Question.

3 Rounds for Time:

50 Pull Ups
25 Overhead Squats (30kg/40kg)
Run 400m

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Lee's disco pants rocking the WOD.